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Starting To Farm At 38

“I think we were perhaps more open to doing things differently since we had no generational model of enterprise to live up to.” —STAN HARDER “ We felt that if we did not pursue our dream of owning a cattle ranch before we turned 40, we likely would never do so,” says Stan Harder. It […] Read more

Spring Grass Can Cause Founder

When pastures are covered with a foot of snow, the temperature dips to minus 30, and you’re packing feed to horses, it is hard to worry about the lush green spring pastures. However, now is the time to plan for your horses’ return to those pastures without risking a bout of spring founder. Founder (laminitis) […] Read more

That’s a lot of pork on the lam

Thousands of pounds of pork are roaming across the Prairie provinces. It is free for the taking in Alberta and Manitoba although it is not that easy to take. In fact, there are so many wild boars, on the loose, in Alberta, the government has declared them an official pest and is ordering landowners to […] Read more