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How biostimulants work to enhance plant growth

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: What are biostimulants? A: As an agronomist, I’m often asked about new products. One area that has really emerged in the last decade is biostimulants. These are not fertilizers or pesticides, but a wide array of biological products that enhance plant growth. Biostimulants are substances or micro-organisms whose function, when applied to plants or […] Read more

Red-backed cutworms.

Summer scouting timing: cutworms

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: When and how should I scout for cutworms? A: With a new growing season upon us, growers must keep a watchful eye for pests in their fields. One early-season pest is cutworms. Cutworms have a ferocious appetite for young developing plants. They can be a problem in many western Canadian crops but canola is most susceptible […] Read more

Submitting seed for germination testing

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: When is the best time to submit seed for germination testing? A: A seed germination test is a critical first step in determining the viability of seed for planting a new crop. It helps determine if the seed should be planted, and helps establish a seeding rate that achieves target plant populations in the […] Read more

Choosing that pre-seed herbicide

Q & A with CPS

Q: What are some considerations when selecting a pre-seed herbicide application? A: There are significant benefits to applying herbicides prior to seeding or crop emergence. Pre-seed weed removal reduces competition for valuable moisture and nutrients required for seedling development. When selecting pre-seed herbicides, begin with the crop to be grown. Products available vary considerably by […] Read more