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Claas 830 with trailed sprayer.

Controlling your farm traffic

It’s still a new concept here, but many farmers in Australia and Europe are embracing CTF

A recent conference held on the subject of controlled traffic farming, or CTF as it’s more commonly known, has shown that the uptake in North America and Canada is somewhat behind that of northern Europe and Australia. Held in Prague and organised by CTF Europe, the conference attracted more than 130 participants, including farmers, managers, […] Read more

Machinery manufacturer and farmer Michael Horsch has adopted controlled traffic farming on the land he farms with his brother. 

Machinery manufacturer adopts CTF

More than 130 farmers, consultants and industry professionals visited Horsch’s 3,200 hectares Agrovation farm in the Czech Republic, as part of the second International CTF Conference, organized by CTF Europe and supported by Horsch, Trimble and Claas. Machinery manufacturer and farmer Michael Horsch has been an advocate of controlled traffic farming (CTF) for several years and so […] Read more