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Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company

Family business grows native wildflowers and heirloom veggies and markets the seeds

When Renny Grilz’s parents started the Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company as a farm diversification project in 1992, they didn’t anticipate the interest and success the business would generate. “They were one of the first companies offering wildflower seeds native to Western Canada and did extremely well for the first couple of years. Then the […] Read more

Couple’s love of miniature horses began many years ago

En route to a rodeo a detour resulted in the purchase of three minis instead

Gilles and Esther Labelle became acquainted with miniature horses about 15 years ago when they were en route to a rodeo in Saskatoon and decided to make a slight detour to attend an exotic animal sale at the local auction. The couple never made it to the rodeo, but three miniature horses came home with […] Read more

Dexter cattle are easy keepers

Small stature breed has excellent fit for hobbyists and acreage owners

April and May is calving season at Nick and Janice Woodhouse’s acreage near Dalmeny, Sak., but the couple isn’t concerned about getting up in the middle of the night to monitor their herd of Dexter cows. “I’ve never experienced any calving problems or had to assist with any births,” says Nick, who has been raising […] Read more

In praise of the Texas Longhorn

Saskatchewan producers says it s a breed for all reasons

In 1991, three years after they purchased their first four registered Texas Longhorn heifers, Deb Lesyk and Dwight Overlid were in the show ring at the Canadian Western Agribition, in Regina. In 2001, a bull they had raised and dubbed Nebuchadnezzar, or Nezzar for short, won the Canadian circuit championship. Next, they showed Nezzar in […] Read more

The bison industry is on the move

It takes specialized management, but there are opportunities in bison

While North American bison populations are nowhere near where they were 200 years ago, conservation measures and private breeding programs have helped to bring numbers back to support a successful, albeit specialized, agriculture sector. An estimated three to four million bison once roamed freely on the North American continent, providing the aboriginal peoples with many […] Read more

Working Horse Field Day

Annual event demonstrates teams of horses and their drivers working together

On May 28 the second annual Working Horse Field Day will be held at Dale and Joanne Janzen’s farm near Dalmeny, Sask. Teams of horses and their drivers will take to the field to demonstrate plowing, take part in bale sled races, chore team competitions and much more. “If the horses are doing work you […] Read more

Prairie Driving Club growing in popularity

Combination of driving, competition and socializing with focus on safety

Elegance, skill, and teamwork are words that come to mind when watching members of the Prairie Carriage Driving Club participating in one of their events. Carriage driving is growing in popularity among horse owners and there are clubs in many provinces across Canada. “You have to love horses and you have to enjoy driving. It’s […] Read more

Harness making fills a niche

The Livery Stable receives a steady flow of year-round orders

If you think business might be slow for a professional harness maker in the year 2016, you would be wrong. Brad Funk of Langham, Sask. established The Livery Stable in 1988 and continues to enjoy a steady flow of orders that keeps him busy year round. His craft fills a strong niche market. “My mainstay […] Read more

For the love of the Prairies

Potter’s work reflects feelings about the land

Carol Furman’s pottery is a reflection of her love of the Prairie landscape with all its beauty and diversity. “Like many Prairie people, I love the wide Prairies and hope my work reflects my feelings about the land,” she says. Furman was born in Regina and moved to Edmonton for high school and nurse’s training. […] Read more

Farm Life: Stitching Prairie landscapes

Woman creates art by ‘thread painting’

Having lived all her life on the Prairies, fibre artist Donna Cutler has developed a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the country. She and her husband Adrian currently live on an acreage across from the Beaver Creek Conservation area about 13 kilometres south of Saskatoon. The area is a constant source of inspiration […] Read more