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The Elusive Estimated Nitrogen Release Number

The first step in deciding on nitrogen (N) fertilizer rates is to estimate how much N will be available to a crop over the growing season or ENR (estimated nitrogen release). You can be leaving both yield and quality on the table if this is not part of your N calculations. Glyn Evans, working with […] Read more

How Much Sulphur Does It Take To Change Soil PH?

Again, another great question came over our Agri- Trend Network chat wondering, “How much elemental sulphur (S) would it take to change the soil pH any appreciable amount?” For soils with a pH under 7.5, the amount of elemental S required to decrease soil pH a given amount is fairly well related to cation exchange […] Read more

Gypsum And Elemental Sulphur: When And How Much?

AGRI-COACH CORNER The saturated soils this year has folks thinking about applying gypsum to the compacted areas to reduce sodium (Na) levels and improve the soil structure long term. This is an interesting idea and generated a lot of discussion. Will it work and where? How much to apply? Can farmers substitute elemental sulphur for […] Read more