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Murals And Music From Mayerthorpe

Windi Scott and her pa r tne r, Lanc e Arn-ell, moved to a ranch in the May-erthorpe, Alberta area in 2007. It’s a long way from Manitoba where Scott grew up, and although she lived in the city she spent as much time as possible on her grandparents’ farm. She loved to ride horses […] Read more

From Broken To Beautiful

Although the population of Swan Hills, Alberta is only around 2,000, artist Jan Black says the community support she receives is phenomenal. Working out of her garage, Jan calls her home-based enterprise Broken Stone Mosaics. Using pieces of broken tile, usually floor tiles, she creates pictures that are used in a variety of ways. So […] Read more

Alberta woman creates works of art

Artworks by Sandra Scherger encompasses a wide variety of art forms — pencil sketches, acrylics, coloured pencil, watercolours and DVD slide shows. Sandra, who has always been involved in art and was always encouraged by her family, was nine when she realized that perhaps she did have a talent for art. At this point her […] Read more