Soybean cyst nematodes on the Prairies?

This yield-stealing roundworm moves with soil. And it's probably on its way to your soybean field

The soybean cyst nematode is the number one yield robber in soybean crops in Ontario and the U.S. This parasitic roundworm has been in North America since the mid-1950s, with the first detection in North Carolina, says Albert Tenuta, provincial field crop pathologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Since then […] Read more

Young Farmer Carrying a Bale of Hay

How to enrol your farm workers in WCB

Farm Management: Now that you want to sign your farm up for Workers Comp, here’s the “how to”

Now that you know why you should enrol your farm in Workers’ Comp here’s how to do it. In Alberta, applying is as easy as visiting the Workers’ Compensation Board Alberta website ( There’s a search engine on the main page. If you search for “farm,” you’ll get to a page called “Farming Coverage.” Right […] Read more

Why should you enrol your farm in WCB?

Farm Management: Even when it’s not mandatory, there are good reasons to enrol in Workers Comp

In some of the Prairie provinces it is mandatory for farmer employers to sign up for Workers Compensation (WCB) for their workers. In Manitoba, it’s been mandatory since 2009. Some farmers still haven’t signed up or don’t realize that they need to. “Way back when, before medicare and before WCB, if a worker was injured […] Read more

Leaf spotting: what you need to know

The fight against tan leaf spot, and what you can do about it in your fields

We’ve been working with leaf spots for the last 26 years,” says Dr. Myriam Fernandez, an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research scientist, and lead author of the a recently released 12-year study of the impacts on climate change, region and agronomic practices on leaf spotting in wheat and durum, conducted between 2001 and 2012. Leaf […] Read more

treated corn seed

New year, new seed treatment rules

Rules won’t affect on-farm treatment, unless the products you use are “restricted”

When new rules for commercial and mobile seed treatment operations come into effect on January 1, 2017, farmers won’t notice much change. The standards won’t apply to farmers treating their own seed on-farm, and CropLife Canada, the association that represents the plant science industry, believes having consistent standards will be good for the industry. The […] Read more

SU-tolerant canola from Cibus

Cibus’ sulfonylurea-tolerant

Cibus, a U.S. company, is bringing a new sulfonylurea-tolerant canola to the market. Cibus developed SU-tolerant canola using non-transgenic breeding technologies. That is, breeding, without introducing foreign genetic material. As Dr. Jim Radtke, Cibus’ senior vice president, product development, says, we are “making changes in plants without incorporating foreign DNA and thus the plants are […] Read more

Lock in sales with a special contract

Looking for a way to differentiate your crop from the rest of the pack?

Are you looking for ways to change your marketing situation? Differentiate your product from everything else at the elevator? Signing special contracts with specific companies is one way to do this. Avena Food pays its contact holders premium prices for gluten-free oats. Warburtons, a U.K. bread company, pays premiums for specialty wheat grown by contract holding […] Read more

Protect yourself against wheat midge

Wheat midge may be on the rise this year, especially in southeastern Saskatchewan

Farmers in most areas of Saskatchewan need to be aware of wheat midge, says Scott Hartley, Sask­atch­­e­wan’s provincial special­ist for insect pest management. Specifically, eastern Sask­­­­atch­ewan, primarily east central and southeast. There’s another section from Prince Albert south, “extending quite a ways, at least down to close to Bethune.” Midge threats in Alberta aren’t as high, but are more pronounced east of Edmonton and in the Peace region. However, Alberta […] Read more

Protect your profits from flea beetles

Insect Management: In a warm dry summer growing season, flea beetles could have a chance to thrive

If you’re growing canola or mustard this year (or garden vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower) you might need to be concerned about the flea beetle, says Scott Hartley, provincial insect/vertebrate pest management specialist for Sask­atchewan. Climate conditions matter, though, when it comes to certain pests, and the flea beetle is no different. “If it’s going […] Read more

Be on your guard for grasshoppers

Grasshopper numbers are up in Alberta. Warm dry weather will give them an edge

Grasshoppers were found in higher numbers in 2015 in Alberta. Unfortunately, the same is expected for 2016, says Scott Meers, Alberta Agriculture insect management specialist. The Peace region, the extreme north and northwest areas of Alberta, are expected to have high grasshopper numbers. Farmers west of Edmonton also saw high populations last year and the […] Read more