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Check Belts And Chains For Wear

Newer engines often have spring-loaded tensioning mechanisms on accessory drives, but don’t skip an inspection of these belts because of that When it comes to running engine accessories, such as alternators and water pumps, tension specs for V-belts are generally supplied by the machine manufacturer. If you don’t have the necessary specs for an engine’s […] Read more

When The Starter Doesn’t…Start

Thank you ACC A starter motor uses the basic principle of like magnetic poles repelling each other, which causes it to rotate and turn the engine over. The strength of the magnetic field, and thus the starter’s power to turn over the engine, is determined by the amount of current flow to the starter. Therefore, […] Read more

How To Test Electrical Circuits

Vehicle electrical systems can be frustrating when they don’t function as expected. To diagnose electrical problems, it helps to know how basic systems actually work. It’s an old joke that electrical systems work by running smoke through the wires, because when the smoke comes out, the system quits working. Electricity works through the invisible flow […] Read more