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The condition of your canola at harvest is the most important factor affecting its storage.

Canola storage options start with harvest

The most important factor affecting canola storage? Harvest conditions

Everyone knows harvest timing can drastically impact not only the storage options for, but also the quality of your stored canola. Especially when the weather doesn’t care to co-operate, it’s tempting to head into the field before conditions for harvest are optimal. At swath timing, determining whether to swath or straight cut your canola depends […] Read more

Think long-term with blackleg management

Current blackleg infection rates will not have most canola growers shaking in their boots. While blackleg was found in 65 per cent of Manitoba canola fields last year, average incidence within those fields was relatively low at 7.1 per cent of plants infected (Debbie McLaren, AAFC Brandon). That’s up only slightly from 61 per cent […] Read more