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Time your post-harvest herbicide

Agronomy tips... from the field

If your time it right, a post-harvest herbicide application can be an excellent way to set up your field for seeding next spring. The idea is to control emerging winter annuals, such as hawk’s beard and shepherd’s purse as well as perennial weeds such as dandelions and Canadian thistle in crops that you’ve swathed. Going […] Read more

Timing your insecticide application for flea beetles

Get out and scout your fields early to look for defoliation and bite holes

All things being equal, you want to come out of the season with as much of the plant stand you came in with. However, heavy flea beetle pressure during the cotyledon to the first or second true-leaf stage can take a big bite out your final yield. The secret to success in dealing with flea […] Read more

Coverage is key when using desiccants

A crop desiccant is an herbicide intended for the rapid drydown of the crop, not for long-term weed management. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that applying a diquat-based desiccant entails a few distinctive “best practices.” Firstly, you need to use a higher water volume. Contact desiccants should be applied with at least 20 […] Read more