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Bags Of Money On A Canola Field

The case for making cash flow projections

Financial Planning: A cash flow projection is a versatile financial risk management tool

Preparing a cash flow projection as part of your annual farm budget process could provide a signal that changes are needed for the upcoming year. While it’s true farmers have no control over the weather or commodity markets, we do have control over most costs. With the exception of unpredictable pesticide decisions, annual expenses may […] Read more

Formalizing your farming joint venture

Many farmers use joint ventures informally. Getting it in writing can make things simpler

Many family farms have participated in variations of revenue and/or cost sharing arrangements. A typical scenario involves family or neighbours sharing equipment and labour to minimize costs, reduce the cost of production and improve the bottom line. However, inefficiencies and disputes over the value of contributions can result from these informal arrangements. Formalizing and documenting […] Read more