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$150 For Cutting Height Control

You can depend on farmers to come up with innovative solutions to vexing problems that were either overlooked at the factory or were not deemed practical or necessary on the engineering desk. Countless inventions have made machinery operation safer, easier and more effective in the past, and I am quite sure that trend will continue […] Read more

“Maximize” Your JD 9600

The term “maximize” suits the subject at hand: John Deere’s 9000 series “Maximizer” combines. John Deere is one of the few manufactures that still builds a conventional combine. Demand for these machines is of particular interest to the mixed farmer, as baling straw is a necessity on most farms where livestock is part of the […] Read more

Boost Your Axial-Flow Output

Today we will look at Case IH rotary combines and discuss what owners and operators can do to improve combine performance, better maintain their machines and save money. Case-IH ceased production of conventional combines in the mid to late 1970s and introduced a new single rotor “axial flow combine.” The first of the axial flow […] Read more

This is the first in a series of articles that will look at ways to improve the throughput of your combine. We’ll start with the New Holland TR.

Peak performance of any combine depends on maximizing flow through a properly adjusted and maintained machine. This article focuses on how to get the most out of New Holland twin rotor combines. The twin rotor design includes the earliest variation (TR70) introduced in 1976 to the latest current models being the CR line of combines. […] Read more