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Green peas in the field

Pulse desiccant dos and don’ts

Agronomy tips... from the field

The devil’s in the details when it comes time to desiccate your pea, lentils and chickpeas. And with pulses worth more than they’ve ever been, it pays to have as smooth a harvest as possible. Here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind: The first step is to determine the natural maturity of the […] Read more

field peas

Use a true desiccant for best dry-down

A big part of getting high quality peas and lentils in the bin is using a “true” desiccant that gives you a fast, even dry down. How I define a “true” desiccant? Simple. A true desiccant is not systemic and works by actively bursting the live cell of the plant on contact, thus releasing moisture. […] Read more