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Weather and nitrogen management

Here’s a puzzle. Two farmers in southern Manitoba seeded on the same day last spring (around June 10), but applied different rates of nitrogen with their canola. One farmer applied 60 pounds per acre, based on crop insurance data and seeding dates. The second farmer figured there was potential for higher yields with the right […] Read more

Seed Bed Prep Begins At Harvest

In our northern climates we have a relatively short season (about 120 days) to grow a crop. I don’t need to spend any time on the fact that the longer the growing season generally the better the yields. The sooner we can get the crop up and growing the longer it will have to fill […] Read more

Three Reasons To Run On-Farm Field Trials

Why do we do things the way we do them? The answer often seems to be “Because we have always done it that way.” The same question can and should be asked about many of our current production practices. When I ask farmers why they do things the way they do I often get the […] Read more

Eight Tips For Growing Soybeans In 2011

This story is the first of two parts, and will cover some of the basic requirements of soybean production. Part 2 will delve further into more specialized production issues such as row spacing, weed control and the use of inoculants, seed treatments and starter fertilizers. The popularity of soybeans in Western Canada is set to […] Read more