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From A To Z It’s A Farm Book For All

The book gave me an opportunity to tell of the importance of shops to Prairie farms since early times. In 2002 I made an alphabet book showing people and objects from A to Z for our first grandchild, Claire. When our grandson Gavin was born, I decided to make him a similar book about the […] Read more

Cover Of Love

Ladies in Beiseker, Alberta assisted by ladies in neighbouring communities are making a commitment of their time to see that other people have the comfort that comes from owning an afghan. Since April 2000 a group of ladies in Beiseker (population of 828) has met to join squares together to make afghans. In that time […] Read more

What to do with Christmas letters

Many years ago when Christmas form letters began arriving at our home, I was not impressed. My initial attitude was, “Why can’t they write us individual letters?” But over the years I began appreciating these letters and saving them, looking forward to reading about all that the family had done during the last year. Sometimes […] Read more

“ – for Dec. 8, 2008

I feel privileged to have lived so long.” This sums up how Florence Storch feels about a lifetime which began the year which marked the opening of the first coast-to-coast highway in the States, the year Henry Ford introduced the assembly line and the year the first crossword puzzle was published. In the ensuing years […] Read more