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Recalling good and bad winters at 92

February 27, 2012. This has been an “open winter.” That saying refers back to the time of the early settlement of the West when the open range areas of western United States and also Western Canada were being settled by homesteaders and ranchers. If the winter had very little snow and mild weather, the winter […] Read more

Remembering Wooden Shoe Dick

JUNE 20, 2011 I just returned home from a cruise. My late wife s sister, Joyce, was reaching her 80th birthday and invited her family and other relatives to join her on a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and return. Twelve of us spent seven days and nights with 1,700 others enjoying good food and […] Read more

Panama Trip Was Boyhood Dream

SUNDAY, APR. 3, 2011 I just got back from a two-week trip through the Panama Canal. It has been snowing and storming ever since yesterday morning. It is one of the heaviest winter snowfalls I have ever seen over the years. This storm will be hard on newborn calves. While the storm continues, I will […] Read more

This Winter Is A Reminder Of 1947

FEBRUARY 1, 2011 This is turning out to be a very hard winter for people feeding cattle. Lloyd has been feeding some cattle since November 15. In November he was weaning calves. He finished weaning the calves by December 15. As the snow keeps coming down this winter, some of us elderly people are comparing […] Read more

Hockey Games, Russian Memories

DEC. 18, 2010 It was a big time in our little town last night. Our hockey rink, the Waverley Sports Gardens, was filled to capacity and overflowing with people from near and far. The occasion was a hockey game between our 15 and under aged girls and a touring team from Moscow, Russia. Our team […] Read more

Pool Rally Days Are Long Gone – for Sep. 6, 2010

JUNE 30, 2010 This has been a good spring for the ranchers in our area of southern Saskatchewan. In April, May and June, we received about 12 inches of moisture and during this time, we did not get a bad snowstorm. As a result, most of us have had good calf crops. The grass has […] Read more

Ten Horses Traded For 4100 Ac.

APRIL 18, 2010 Yesterday, I rode with Lloyd up to a short grass Aberdeen Angus Bull sale at the Bob Switzer Ranch south of Hazenmore. Some 150 very good Black Angus bulls sold for an average of $2,885. The Switzer family has done a very good job of producing top-quality Black Angus cattle. My eyesight […] Read more

No Regrets About Ranching Life

MARCH 27, 2010 This was a good day for me. My neighbour, Bill Iwanicki, drove me over to the Big Muddy Ranch where I had a look at the cattle and a good visit with Ryan (grandson), his wife Carla and their four children. Ryan and Carla have part of the ranch now and they […] Read more