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Markets for barley in 2014

Logistic troubles and a declining domestic feed market spell trouble for barley growers

What a difference a year can make! Big yields in many of the key grain-and oilseed-producing countries have pressured prices for several months. Total world grain and oilseed production is up about eight per cent while barley production will actually be down 10 million tonnes to 135 MT. However, two big U.S. corn crops in […] Read more

Fall barley markets

Editor’s note: The numbers and forecasts included in this article were prepared on October 21. Market changes may have occurred between then and now. The 2013-14 world barley production has bounced back from 2012-13 and is forecast at 142.3 MT, a 10 per cent increase from last year’s 129.5 MT. The EU’s crop is up […] Read more

The Buck Stops Here

It is old news to most farmers that the past 18 months has been a period of unprecedented grain market volatility. This has introduced tremendous uncertainty and new challenges for all players in the grain supply chain — from primary producers to grain companies and the CWB, right up to the end user. On the […] Read more