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England’s Choice

England has made a choice to remain dependent on other countries to feed them. Recently corporations proposed to build a modern dairy and sow unit, but two activist groups objected saying it would force small farmers out of business. The proposal was withdrawn. We in the U.S. have faced that choice and decided to encourage […] Read more


EDGE OF COMMON SENSE To my aching friend, Thanks for writing about your mother. I empathize with your need to let the air out before you blow your top. It’s the reversal of roles. Now you are the parent, the responsible one. She is the one unable to do her part. You have a particularly […] Read more

Good Times Up North – for Apr. 4, 2011

I was in North Dakota in early spring. The night before, the temperature was 3 F. That morning it had warmed up to 4 F. I walked into the giant Ag Expo building and made a circle of the trade show, just visiting. I stopped at the booth of a man selling wood stoves. “How […] Read more


NASCAR has announced an agreement with the National Corn Growers Association to begin using Ethanol 15, a greener fuel, manufactured from corn. Al Gore has just announced that ethanol for use in cars was not as good an idea as he thought. He must have bought some BP stock! It’s great news for corn growers, […] Read more

CHEER For Horses

As we horse owners and lovers struggle to find some middle ground in the tragic abandoned horse issue, maybe we need to look “outside the box.” Most horse owners, horse associations, equine veterinarians, and those of us forced to take the responsibility for dealing with the mess, are still optimistic that the new Centers for […] Read more

The Glory Of Cowboyin’

“…and the old man gave his orders, ‘Boys, go at them from the jump, no use to go for fancy riding now.’” That great line fromThe Man from Snowy Riverby Banjo Paterson crossed my mind as I started into the thorny brush and wicked mesquite thicket on a steep slide of rocks and tangled undergrowth, […] Read more

Transplanting Body Parts

As medical progress marches on, the use of transplants and body parts has become commonplace. Worldwide, from India to Italy, from Iran to Indiana, the surgeries are routine. According to the Wall Street Journal, the U. S. alone has 83,000 people on the waiting list for a kidney! Corneas, hearts, livers and lungs do a […] Read more

Adopt A Farmer

ON THE EDGE OF COMMON SENSE As the percentage of farmers continues to decrease in proportion to the population, it seems the harder the ANTIs (HSUS, PETA, Sierra Club, name one) try to increase America’s dependence on foreign food just as they have done with manufacturing, energy, timber, and steel. They have the foresight of […] Read more

Jake Working Overtime

was going west on the wrong side of the road he was forced to rope left-handed. Not easy with a right-hand-twist rope! After four throws and misses the bull was wearing down and Jake caught him by the left front foot! Whilst moving into position he managed to tangle the rope in the Ranger’s front […] Read more

In Praise Of Pioneers

One of the qualities that characterize dedicated ranchers and farmers is a joyous commitment to hard work. It’s sort of an odd combination of curiosity, independence and bravado. They actually crave the struggle like long-distance runners crave the race. They love their job! Ranching is not a sport. It pits man against all that nature […] Read more