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Keep cattle in proper condition and also provide a good mineral supplement.

Simple facts of why body condition is important

Get cattle in good condition before winter, and if they are there, keep them there

Areas of Western Canada have endured very dry conditions this summer, which has reduced forage availability and quality on pasture or range. Plants went dormant much earlier than normal. The lack of good quality feed will have many implications for cow-calf producers trying to wean a good-size calf and maintain high levels of reproductive performance […] Read more

Feed Test For Forage Quality

Nutrient NIRS Wet Chemistry Protein 13.80 13.82 ADF NDF 28.38 50.88 25.57 48.60 Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium Potassium 0.45 0.16 0.38 0.20 0.23 0.12 0.98 0.96 Sodium 0.02 0.02 Many areas of Western Canada have come through a dry summer. Weather conditions have reduced perennial and annual forage production up to 75 percent in some areas […] Read more