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Facing and addressing farm financial issues

Bad harvest weather. Low prices. If things look grim, it’s time to get to work

When there are financial concerns on the farm, it’s important to address them sooner rather than later, and find a way forward. Financial issues can occur in any business. Reasons for financial distress on farms can be as varied as harvest issues, crop failures, decreased market prices, cash-flow challenges or excessive debt loads. It is […] Read more

Five reasons to make a farm business plan

Many farmers do not have a business plan. Here are five reasons to make one for your farm

Actually doing a business plan for your farm can be a real chore for many farmers since they are “hands-on” people that prefer the actual day-to-day work (which is always necessary) rather than “desk work.” However, as operations become larger, more complex and involve more people the reasons for business plans become more important. Here […] Read more

How A Young Farm Family Can Succeed

Farms are unique entities in that they combine a rural lifestyle and a business enterprise at the same location and at the same time. That has its advantages and disadvantages. Family members are always close to the business but the business and all its challenges is always right there also. Both of those parts (the […] Read more