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How I sold calls on Dryship stock

I’ve followed Dryship (DRYS) for years and owned shares off and on. Back in June the shipping index, Baltic Dry ($BDI) started to work its way up and so did shares of shipping companies, including DRYS. I was out of the stock but some readers held shares during the time the price dropped to around […] Read more

41 threshing machines set new record

Experienced threshing crews gathered at Langenburg, 
Sask., in August to set a 
new Guiness Record

Forty two threshing crews from across western Canada and the U.S. gathered at Langenburg, Sask., in late August to help set a new Guiness Record for the number of threshing machines run at one time in one spot. The previous record was 29 threshing machines. The group raised over $60,000 for the Foodgrains Bank. The event was […] Read more

Rules for selling stocks

It’s important to know when to buy, but if you’re going to get into 
the stock market, it may be more important to know when to sell

While buying right is important, in the type of market we now have I think learning good selling rules and using them is perhaps more important. In fact, often selling can save us from a wrong buying decision. For example, investors who bought shares in Enron, Nortel, Sask Wheat Pool and even Bombardier some years […] Read more

Learn to sell before you buy

A lot of investors feel that buying right is the most important part of owning stocks. From my experience, selling right is more important than buying right. Selling right One reason to learn to sell right is that you should get you out of a stock near the top of its price. “But I might […] Read more

Off-farm investing

It’s been a busy month. I’ve learned how to do bull put credit spreads and, more recently, bear call spreads. I can make some good cash without owning the shares. Spreads The is a little more complicated than selling covered calls on stocks I own. However, I think it’s a natural step forward for anyone […] Read more

Off-farm Income: Free charting service to buy and sell stocks

Having more information and knowing how to use it can 
help you make more money with your investments

While you’re out in the field putting in your crop, you might have some time to think about how a free charting service called could help you buy good shares low and sell them a little higher to lock in a swath of profit from the middle. There certainly is a lot of money […] Read more

Off-farm income: New canola streamer

A business strategy designed by Input Capital Corp. of Regina, Sask., can provide qualified farmers with fresh money for inputs and help from a science advisor. The managers believe the combined strategy could improve a farmer’s production skills for life. I recently spoke with Brad Farquhar and Gord Nystuen about Input Capital’s strategy. Canola streamer business If you’ve […] Read more

Resource companies

Lately we’ve heard and read about companies, especially resource companies, taking what are called impairment charges. Barrick Gold (ABX) was a recent example. The company wrote off $3.8 billion to deal with the drop in market value of the copper mine it bought for close to $8 billion some time ago. ABX has a billion […] Read more

Trends, questions, covered calls and spreads

In this column Andy Sirski talks about some current energy trends, 
and how these trends will impact his stock portfolio

Some interesting enery trends are developing in North America and around the world. Uranium First, recall some issues ago I wrote an article on thorium and how that might reduce demand for uranium. The supply of uranium to the world was supposed to drop by the end of 2013 because Russia will stop selling nuclear […] Read more

Stocks, spreads and the 10-day moving average

Try these five tax tips to save money on your 2012 tax bill. 
Then read Andy Sirski’s stock update

Lots has gone on during the first two months of 2013. First, I want to mention just a few tax tips that you or your family might be able to use. Five tax tips 1. Moving expenses: If you move to take on a new job, remember to keep records. When you move to a job […] Read more