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There’s almost 300 pounds of agricultural plastic film in one grain bag. The Brown brothers knew they needed a sturdy roller that could stand up to the work of rolling them, so they took the problem out to their shop. To make their roller work, they incorporated a tying mechanism using baler twine so the operation to roll and tie the used bags was completed in one operation.

Made-in-Sask. grain bag roller

Grain bags are a great affordable, temporary solution to your grain storage problems. Until it’s time to get rid of them. Here’s a new solution

Grain bags have increased in popularity over the last few years. Grain bags are a relatively inexpensive temporary storage option that offer a number of benefits. One downside, however, is what to do with the bag once it is unloaded. There’s almost 300 pound of agricultural plastic film in one bag. Add to that some […] Read more

hemp crop

New special crops round-up

Hemp, quinoa, fababeans, camelina, hairy vetch, carinata and guar bean. Get the inside scoop

Some farmers love growing the latest “new” crop. Others drive by them in their neighbours’ fields and wonder what they are. There is no definitive list of “special” crops. Many crops we think of as “new” are actually very old. Some that are “special” in one area are standard in another. This is not an […] Read more

quinoa plant

Quinoa: the new ancient superfood

With growing demand, Northern Quinoa plans to triple its contracted acreage for the 2015 growing season

Quinoa has been cultivated for thousands of years. During that time it has been variously revered as sacred, relied on to feed a people and it has also been misunderstood and under-appreciated. Quinoa can be grown in many geographies given the right conditions, but its origins are high up in the Andes Mountains of South […] Read more

man standing in a wheat field while talking on a microphone

A short history of durum wheat breeding

As private companies step up cereal breeding investments, 
Andrea Hilderman reviews our public breeding triumphs

Dr. Ron DePauw has been actively involved in the breeding program at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC) in Swift Current, Saskatchewan for many decades. Over the years DePauw has led diverse teams that have made extraordinary leaps forward in the agronomic and end-use qualities of durum for Western Canada. Durum team leaders have […] Read more

ICE barley futures contracts

ICE barley futures contracts

ICE Futures Canada’s president is confident barley buyers and sellers will benefit from new contracts

Something that has been around for over 100 years can hardly be called new, however, the ICE Futures Canada barley contract might be seen that way. Since the first barley contact was established on what was originally the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, it has seen several changes to reflect prevailing market conditions, domestic legislation and global […] Read more

extracting a soil sample from a field

Add soil sampling to the fall “to do” list

Testing soil in the fall gives you time over the winter to plan your spring nutrient needs

As if there wasn’t already enough on the fall “to do NOW” list, experts advise adding soil sampling to the fall work load, if it’s not already part of the farm management plan. “The reality of the situation is if you don’t know what you have to start with, you won’t know how much or […] Read more

See the Canadian Grain Commission’s website for safe storage guidelines by crop (at bottom).

Safer grain storage

Whether you’ve got enough storage space this year after last year’s bumper crop or you need temporary solutions, try these four tips

We were probably all expecting a tough harvest, despite hoping for the luxury of good weather and an open fall. Rain, frost and even snow in early September likely mean there will be an even greater need to ensure grain storage management strategies are well in hand. “Just because you are done combining does not […] Read more

ESN, a polymer-coated fertilizer product, may not be the answer for all winter wheat growers but does add another option.

Fertilizing winter wheat

With new polymer-coated nitrogen products on the market, winter wheat growers have one more option when it comes to fertilizer decisions

Getting winter wheat seeded is a juggle of equipment, people and inputs that leaves little room for delays. On top of that, fertilizer and seed safety is top of mind for growers, more so in winter wheat, and for two good reasons. Getting the crop seeded is a challenge in the fall, and accommodating the […] Read more

Desiccants will not speed up crop maturity. The general guideline is to apply at 30 per cent moisture.

Drying with desiccants in pulse crops

Desiccants can simplify pulse crop harvest and weed control, 
but make sure to read the label and know your MRLs

Given this year’s cool, wet spring, harvesting in a timely fashion might become a challenge. In pulse crops, desiccant use can be a critical component of harvest management to dry down any remaining green material in the field as well as deal with actively growing weeds. Dale Risula, Saskatchewan’s provincial special crops specialist, starts almost […] Read more