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Blogs Rise To Legitimacy

Weblogs started out as online journals. Early versions go back to the ’70s, but it was not until about 2000 that we started seeing the steady rise of weblogs — shortened to “blogs.” Now there are 130 million or more of them, according to an article in Inc magazine, November 2009 issue. I do not […] Read more

Get NH3 Certified Online

You’ll find a lot of online courses for business skills, marketing, finance, HR and many other skills One of the difficult things about living in a rural area has always been the need to drive somewhere to get something. We had to drive six miles to get a quart of milk. And 30 miles to […] Read more

Be Spam Free In 30 Days

I have started doing this with some of my accounts and it is definitely worth it. I just had to have faith that if someone really needed to get in contact with me, they will find a way. Everyone has a breaking point when they won’t tolerate something any longer. I have a few email […] Read more

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Many people have not purchased anything over the Internet because they fear they may get ripped off, end up with fraudulent charges on their credit card, or have their identity stolen. Many people who DO purchase online have these concerns. It’s not possible to be 100 per cent safe, but there are things you can […] Read more

Ensure Your Kids Surf Safely

The Internet is an “unlimited” information source in every sense of the word. Most parents want to ensure their children are only accessing age appropriate content and images. The first and only method of ensuring your children only see what you deem is appropriate is to sit with them while they are on the Internet. […] Read more