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anhydrous application

What to do about anhydrous ammonia applications this fall

How to tackle the challenges associated with fall fertility and parched soils

For many farmers in the Prairies, fall nutrient applications are a key aspect of fertility management. Banding anhydrous ammonia is widely viewed as an effective technique for adding nitrogen in the fall, and it generally works best on soils that are well drained and are more dry than wet. But what if the soil is […] Read more

Phosphate being applied with anhydrous ammonia in a dual placement banding on a Manitoba farm last fall. Manitoba Agriculture soil fertility extension specialist John Heard maintains this is an effective application method because it places phosphorus within the soil away from potential runoff losses and the acidifying nature of anhydrous ammonia tends to increase the availability of the phosphorus to next year’s crop.

Your fall fertility primer

Get a head start on next year’s crops with these fertility guidelines, options and pro tips

Many Prairie farmers choose to apply fertilizers to their fields in the fall to save time in the spring — a strategy Farmers Edge agronomist Thom Weir believes makes good sense for a couple of reasons. “There’s lots of data that shows seeding early has a significant benefit to yield,” he says, adding that for […] Read more

After a dry growing season

After a dry growing season

While it’s definitely a disappointing and, for some, disastrous year, it’s no time to forget about the soil — farmers are urged to think about soil and nutrient management practices this fall

With soil moisture conditions this August across virtually all of western Canadian farmland ranging from abnormally dry to beyond description, it might seem there isn’t much to be done to improve soil health and management until it rains. However, while it may seem counterintuitive, agronomists and soil specialists alike say don’t forget about soil testing […] Read more

Two Raven OMNiPower (formerly DOT) machines at work in the field. (

CNH to buy Raven Industries

Heavy equipment maker to pay US$2.1 billion for precision ag firm

The parent company behind Case IH, New Holland, Flexi-Coil and Steyr farm equipment is set to absorb a significant U.S. supplier of precision ag tech to its product lines and others. CNH Industrial on Monday announced a friendly all-cash agreement to buy up all shares in Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Raven Industries for about US$2.1 […] Read more

An eight-inch-wide strip of tillage in a field with heavy corn residue.

Several benefits come with an eight-inch-wide strip of tillage

Western Canadian row crop farmers Dean Toews in southern Manitoba and John Kolk in southern Alberta have different levels of experience with strip tillage, but both see the value of working up these eight-inch-wide strips of soil in their fields with a range of production and conservation benefits. Toews, who is part of the family […] Read more

Toban Dyck: The bar between “lunacy” and “worth exploring” has lowered considerably

In the wake of COVID-19, few things remain sacred. In this case, it’s tillage

The changes we’ve all been forced to endure have called my spring plans into question. The disruption that has been thrust upon us, leaving us to choose between adapting to an ever-changing political and social landscape, enduring it, stubbornly opposing it and everything in-between has seeped into my farming plans. I’m looking at this spring […] Read more

As programs that pay for carbon storage evolve, payments to farms and ranches may be tied to sustainability initiatives such as protection of wildlife habitat and conservation easements.

Where are we at with carbon credits?

Returns are limited at the moment but stay tuned, as programs are emerging

Carbon is one of the biggest topics of our day and it’s poised to increase in importance. It presents both an opportunity and a significant risk to agricultural production. Given this, it is probably a good idea for us to have at least a basic understanding of what carbon does and why is it important. […] Read more

As late as 1987, one big rain event did all this damage to a summerfallow field near Eastend, Sask.

Les Henry: Soil productivity, quality and health

Nature and nurture

Soil health is a prominent topic in current scientific and farm management literature. It is good to see attention being paid to the soil resource our industry depends on. In this piece, we will try to unravel some of the principles and the practical application of those principles. From the get-go, we must realize farming […] Read more

DeltaCut shares (shovels) are now available for Lemken’s Karat 9 cultivator, which can work at depths as shallow as 1.5 inches (five centimetres).

New DeltaCut shares available for Lemken’s Karat 9

Shares allow for tillage as shallow as 1.5 inches

Germany-based Lemken introduced its Karat 9 cultivator to Canada several years ago, and last November it announced Canadian farmers would be able to expand the Karat 9’s range of tillage capabilities with the new 35-centimetre (13.7-inch) wide DeltaCut Shares (or shovels, if you prefer). The DeltaCut shares are designed to allow for tillage operations as […] Read more

Horsch has introduced the fourth generation of its Joker high-speed compact disc. It will be available for the 2021 season.

Updated implements from Summers Manufacturing and Horsch

New vertical tillage and high-speed compact discs hit the market

Summers Manufacturing of North Dakata has introduced a new version of its Supercoulter vertical tillage tool, the Supercoulter Samurai, which it says was designed in response to customer feedback. It’s based on the same vertical tillage design but moves more dirt than the original Supercoulter. It’s designed for both spring and fall residue management, light […] Read more