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Smaller crops anticipated in looming StatsCan report

Survey-based data due out Monday

MarketsFarm — Heat and drought across Western Canada during the summer of 2021 seriously cut into the country’s crop production, raising traders’ expectations for reduced yields across the board when Statistics Canada on Monday releases its first production estimates of the year. Canola production is estimated at 11.5 million to 16 million tonnes, which would […] Read more

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Pulse weekly outlook: Pulse trade with India strong, but flawed

MarketsFarm — India remains as the largest international buyer of Canadian lentils, despite factors affecting trade between the two countries. While Western Canada deals with drought conditions which have likely lowered this year’s lentil crop, the Indian government’s restrictions on imports have threatened to hinder Canadian exports. “Despite tariffs and technical measures in place that […] Read more

The camera arm was invented by Saskatchewan farmer Roland Wohlgemuth as a way to allow drivers to safely monitor how a grain trailer is being loaded without leaving the truck cab.

Load your grain trailer without the guesswork

New Prairie-grown camera arm device makes monitoring the hopper easier and safer

Roland Wohlgemuth is an enterprising farmer who grows wheat, canola and peas on his 3,000-acre spread near Benito, Man. He’s been at it for 20 years, and like most producers, Wohlgemuth is well versed in finding solutions to problems that inevitably arise from time to time on the farm. One of them is quite ingenious […] Read more

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Pulse weekly outlook: Dry edible beans faring well in Manitoba weather

MarketsFarm – Like all crops, dry edible beans have been affected by the high heat and drought-like conditions which have plagued most of Manitoba this summer. However, they have weathered the conditions better than most, according to Manitoba Agriculture’s provincial pulse specialist. “For the most part, the dry beans are looking okay,” said Dennis Lange. […] Read more

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Les Henry: A snow job, Part 2

Watch out for crop variability in 2021

Drought is now the operative word in major areas of Prairie farming for 2021. The drought in this area started on July 8, 2020, and has been interrupted by only two significant events — the big snow and blow of November 7 and 8 last year and the welcome May 2021 long weekend rain of […] Read more