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AFS Connect Farm offers more features for mapping and large square baler data.

Case IH updates AFS Connect Farm

The brand's digital platform gets more features

As the major equipment brands continue to compete for dominance in ag machinery’s digital realm, Case IH announced recently that it has released the first major update for 2021 to its AFS Connect Farm desktop platform and mobile app, which is intended to give producers even more data access and management flexibility. The latest update […] Read more

Learn about Ritchie’s on-line auction services, also Nuffield Scholarships

With 160,000 bidders signed up for farm sales, people are obviously getting use to virtual events

To be honest I haven’t attended that many farm auctions over the years, mostly because there is probably nothing at an auction that I really need, and secondly there is a very real risk I would attend and probably buy something I didn’t really need. Having said that, the COVID-19 Pandemic doesn’t seem to have […] Read more

Great gifts coming from AGvisorPRO

From drone to smoker to free services and more gifts are coming

If you haven’t already got your name in the barrel for some serious gift giving by AGvisorPRO this Christmas, you’ll want to get at it. All you need to do is either download the AGvisorPRO app, share a message on social media or make contact with one of the more than 300 crop, livestock, agronomy […] Read more