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What’s planned for farm shows and conferences this fall and winter

Several events have just shut down for the year, others have gone on-line

Well seven months into this pandemic thing and if you were expecting that life would be getting back to normal by now, well it isn’t — not completely anyway. I think the world and certainly Canadians are getting a bit more comfortable with COVID-19 protocols and social distancing requirements, which is a good thing because […] Read more

Charges dropped against young Alberta farmers

Still a few important legal issues to be sorted out

It was good to read news reports this week, that some flimsy but serious charges against two Calgary area brothers involving their tractor and the sheriffs at a highway check stop have been dropped. The Alberta Crown has withdrawn charges against Jeremia Leussink, 19, who was driving his tractor to do some haying in a […] Read more

Trip to field to bale hay turns violent

Young Alberta farmers with tractor arrested by sheriffs

Every time I hear, read (or usually see the video) of what appears to be excessive police takedowns of people who apparently are posing some threat to society I really have to wonder about police training. I’m sure there are 100s of arrests daily that are easy and peaceful without either side of the issue […] Read more