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Froese: Who gets to do what on the farm?

Froese: Who gets to do what on the farm?

Everyone should be aware of the family roles guide

Hope you are enjoying the longer days and warm sunshine on your farm. I also hope that panic is not rising as you anticipate getting ready for spring… whatever that means! I know a farmer who has April 20 as his magic target day for having all the equipment ready to go for seeding. As […] Read more

Harvey Dann with a proposal about crop quality

Measuring quality and producing crops with the specifications the food industry wants

Harvey Dann, a not-retired Manitoba marketer and key figure in the Western Canadian livestock industry for many years is looking for some progressive thinking farmers to invest a few dollars into learning about the quality of the grains, oilseeds and pulse crops they produce. By knowing quality and establishing benchmarks on a wide range of […] Read more

Step out of comfort zone with 2021 crop year

Consider higher inputs, but also have safety nets in place

When it comes to crop production and marketing, 2021 is not the year to get wimpy according to some leading Western Canadian agriculture advisors. With some really strong markets across most major commodities don’t let fear get in the way — just go for it. That might be somewhat of an over simplification, but it […] Read more

Trust me, I am from the government

Serious competition expected for ag research dollars

I remember a scene from a movie years ago where this old gal is living a quiet rural life raising goats and in this scene she is lovingly scratching the ears of a kid goat that is so calm it almost appears to be asleep, and then the old gal slowly reaches around with a […] Read more

According to Farm Management Canada’s Healthy Minds, Healthy Farms report, only one in five Canadian farmers say they regularly follow a written business plan. Those that do, however, also tend to follow other business practices that give them an advantage over the competition — and greater income.

Want more success? Plan for it

Three experts outline why a business plan is important for you and your farm

The Canadian agriculture industry’s best farmers earn as much as 525 per cent more income than other farmers. How did they get there? Last year, at Ag in Motion Discovery Plus, three farm business experts discussed just that. The consensus? Success depends upon business planning. Farmers who invest in a business plan are better prepared […] Read more

Two men with tractors on the farm. It is seeding time in the spring.

How to start your farm plan for this year

Q & A with an expert

Q: It’s a new year. Where do I start when making a farm plan for 2021? A: January and February are often the months we think of as a new start on crop production, protection and financials for the upcoming spring season. No doubt this winter has been unique with the COVID-19 protocols in place, […] Read more

Nutrient Management Seminar series continues

Great speakers and great information for the on-line series

Be on-line for the next seven Monday afternoons around 2 p.m. to see and hear some to the leading experts in in Western Canada talk about nutrient and soil health management topics.   The 2021 Alberta Nutrient Management Seminar Series actually started last Monday, Jan. 11with a presentation by Ross McKenzie explaining how to read […] Read more


Somebody has to win these great prizes

Final reminder… you have until midnight this Friday, Jan. 15, 2021 to get your entry in for a chance at some $34,000 in prizes in the big Christmas giveaway organized by AGvisorPro. Visit their website at to enter. AGvisorPro is the relatively new service that connects farmer subscribers with a huge network of crop, […] Read more

Improved cost of production budgets can improve management decisions.

Is there a right way to calculate farm cost of production?

It depends on whether you’re budgeting or performing an investment analysis

“Know your cost of production” is an annual farm advisor’s rallying cry. This is still good advice with ever-rising costs and uncertain revenue. How exactly should you calculate cost of production when there seems to be different approaches throughout the industry? More specifically, what should you include and not include? To answer that question, it […] Read more

The show must go on — at least in part

Live agricultural main events have been cancelled, but check out these virtual events

Even as some of the major crop and livestock trade shows and conferences have decided to cancel their full events in late 2020 and into early 2021, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some virtual or online activities. Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) made the tough decision last summer to cancel its 50th anniversary show in […] Read more