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New OcTTain XL herbicide

Cereal growers in the brown soil zone of Western Canada now have another option for broadleaf weed control with the registration of the new post-emergent herbicide OcTTain XL.

OcTTain XL is a co-formulation of Group 4 actives fluroxypyr and 2,4-D, registered for use on all varieties of spring wheat, durum wheat and spring barley. With no mixing required, OcTTain XL delivers systemic control of more than 40 broadleaf weeds and works deeper into the plant to control tough weeds right to the roots.

“We know that many cereals growers have reliable, long-standing choices for broadleaf weed control that they are comfortable with,” says Dorothee van Dijk, cereal herbicide product manager with Dow AgroSciences. “New OcTTain XL is an upgrade to a grower’s existing broadleaf weed control program, and delivers control of more broadleaf weeds, including hard-to-kill annuals like cleavers, kochia and wild buckwheat.”

OcTTain XL is tank mixable with a wide range of grass herbicides. For best results, apply OcTTain XL from the 4-leaf to flag-leaf stage of the crop, and from the 1- to 6-leaf stage of the weed. OcTTain XL is rainfast within one hour, has no recropping restrictions and is available in three formats — a 40-acre case, 240-acre drum and 960-acre tote. Consult the full product label for complete product information. †



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