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New chemfallow herbicide

BASF Canada has received registration to bring a new chemfallow and post-harvest herbicide to Western Canada.

Distinct herbicide, tank-mixed with glyphosate, offers exceptional weed control and resistance management in post-harvest and chemfallow applications, with total follow crop flexibility.

Distinct is a breakthrough in control with a new mode of action. It is made up of a premix of Group 4 and Group 19 active ingredients, giving farmers superior control over perennial weeds that glyphosate alone can no longer control.

The latest example on the prairies is glyphosate-resistant kochia. According to recent reports, it will be crucial for western Canadian farmers to manage kochia before it becomes widespread.

“In our trials, we found that Distinct provided sharper control of tough-to-control weeds including kochia, round-leaved mallow and dandelions, while maintaining maximum rotational freedom,” says Joel Johnson, brand manager for western herbicides at BASF Canada. “For a grower, that’s essential.” †



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