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Lower prices for Astound

Syngenta Canada Inc. has decreased the price of its canola fungicide, Astound, by $2.00 per acre. The new suggested retail price is $22.16 per acre. In addition, Astound also qualifies for a further savings through the Syngenta Partner Program.

Astound is the only canola fungicide with two modes of action (Group 9 and Group 12), providing a better resistance management package while also delivering contact and systemic control of sclerotinia stem rot.

Sclerotinia stem rot is the most economically significant disease of canola in Western Canada. Yield loss due to sclerotinia is roughly one-half of the percentage of infected plants in the field. The average sclerotinia infection in canola is 12 per cent of the field, equating to a six bushel per acre yield loss. †



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