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Getting around in style

Garry Nerbas, a farmer near Langenberg, has been fixing up this old “van” he bought from a neighbour. Garry says, “It’s about 70 years old. These “vans” were primarily used the 40s — until 1955 or ’56 when they built roads.” Nerbas says many farmers used “vans” or “cabooses” like this to get around on roads that weren’t intended to be all-weather roads, especially when they were snowed in. “Everybody around here had them,” he says. “They really served the purpose.”

Cutters, or open sleds, were also used, but, as Nerbas remembers, “Cutters were cold.” As you can see, Nerbas’ “van” has its own heater. Nerbas plans to pick up a few more of these and rebuild them on his farm. †



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