Editor’s Column: Seeding is done, no major injuries to report

Editor’s Column: Seeding is done, no major injuries to report

We finished seeding on May 20 this year.

I know May 20 isn’t a record-breaking finish, especially this year when so many of you were out in the field early, so I don’t expect any readers to send us a medal. But after a few years of epic breakdowns and colossal floods, we’re happy to write the 2016 seeding season into the books as a success.

This season, we had no major equipment failures. (You might remember that a few years ago, I wrote in this space about our romantic mid-season “vacation,” driving at night to the manufacturing plant to pick up emergency spare parts when the wheel fell right off our air cart. This year the only trips for parts were to our local dealers, and none of the problems took too long to fix.)

We had no major injuries. (The Husband usually winds up hitting his head on the drill at least once a season — lucky for you, he’s banned me from sharing the photos of his past years’ stitches in this column. This year, he managed to keep his head clear of all of the equipment and there were no trips to the Emergency Room.)

We had no expensive accidents. (Don’t tell The Husband, but I did come awfully close to taking the rear view mirror off the grain truck when I was picking up fertilizer from the local dealer. Thanks to the kind woman on staff who didn’t laugh too hard.)

With no horrific problems, there have been a lot of moments this spring where we could just take deep breaths, look around at the scenery and enjoy the process of putting seed in the ground to grow this year’s crop.

We’ve done all we can do. It’s in Nature’s hands.

Now we have a little time to roll the lentil fields, clean up the equipment, catch up on the yard work, finish planting the garden and get the books up to date. This week, The Husband will have a free evening to take in one of our son’s soccer games, and I’ll be able to get this issue of Grainews out the door without worrying that at any minute I might need to drop what I’m doing and make a mad dash to the dealership to pick up more parts for the drill.

I hope seeding has gone as well for all of you as it has for us.

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