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BASF Canada simplifies Clearfield lentil process

Farmers can now sign a three-year Clearfield Commitment for lentils beginning in 2012.

The Clearfield Commitment for lentils is an agreement between a Clearfield lentil grower and BASF Canada. Clearfield lentil growers must complete and sign a Clearfield Commitment for lentils, which can be done at their Clearfield lentil herbicide retailer, their Clearfield lentil seed seller or online at BASF’s secure grower website (user name and password required). Once signed, the new three-year commitment will remain in effect until the end of the 2014 growing season. After having signed their commitment, farmers only need to submit their Clearfield lentil acreage annually.

Signing the commitment also qualifies growers to access greater opportunities in the AgSolutions Rewards rebate program and product support from BASF Canada. In addition, farmers agree to Clearfield-confirm test all seed used in the Clearfield Production System for lentils — which will ensure the seed meets the required Clearfield herbicide tolerances. Testing for the 2012 growing season will again be done free of charge.

Farmers looking for more information about the Clearfield lentil multi-year agreement should speak with their local BASF retailer or call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273). †



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