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A tribute to Alf Bryan

Alf Bryan passed away on December 3, 2012 at the nursing home in Moose Jaw, Sask. Alf was a family man, farmer and political critic but he will be best remembered as the farmer from Tagaske who scribed in Grainews under the column head “I May be wrong but…”

Alf ran as a Liberal in the Trudeau years and came in third in the constituency of Moose Jaw in 1974. He then focused his wrath on the Canadian Wheat Board and the single-desk selling for wheat and barley. In 1986, then editor of Grainews John Clark challenged Alf to write his views in print. Alf rose to the challenge and became a must-read columnist for years.

Long-time Grainews readers will recall Alf’s wit, unbridled love for farming and his ability to put his feelings into print.

Alf acquired quite a following of readers — some who loved him and his words and some who read his work so they could disagree with him. Alf loved both groups.

Alf and I had many pleasant chats over the years. It was always: “Sirski, this is Bryan,” and away went the conversations. We never had to assign Alf a topic: he always had several ideas for columns rolling around in his.

Alf rounded out his writing career by publishing five books. Three were based on his columns; the other two were novels.

Alf is sadly missed by his wife Shirley, son Shane and his wife Crystal, his three grandchildren — Alexis, Tristin and Sophie — and numerous other relatives. †

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Andy was a former Grainews editor and long-time Grainews columnist. He passed away in February 2017.

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