Let Geonics know you want to up your game with an EM38 Field Scout

The improved EM38.

In the March 23 issue of this year, I talked about the EM38 non-contacting soil conductivity meter. The new EM38 used extensively in preparing zone maps for variable-rate maps is heavy and not convenient for field scouting. I have an earlier version of the EM38 that shows the same information and is very light and comes with a robust carrying case. It is field ready. 

I have discussed this issue with Geonics Ltd., the company that makes the EM38. If they see enough interest in potential sales, they will look at making a unit with the model name EM38 Field Scout. 

In my column, I requested that PAg and CCA types email Simon Boniwell at Geonics at [email protected] to express their interest in the idea. Simon has informed me that he has received no emails. 

I never go to the field without my EM38 and I am sure many company or private agronomists could up their game with an EM38 in their toolbox. 

Please do email Simon if you are an agronomist who wishes to get a step ahead of the competition. I repeat that I have no financial involvement with Geonics. 

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