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Les Henry’s earthworm survey

As you can read in his column on page 22, this issue marks 36 years of Les Henry’s contributions to Grainews.

In the last issue, Les Henry put out a call for information about your experiences with earthworms in the field. We’ve had a great response so far, both from readers who think earthworms are the greatest things for their fields, and from gardeners who would rather not have them around.

If you haven’t responded yet, please fax, email or mail us with your comments. Les would like to know: where you live, how often you see worms when you check seed depth, how many years you’ve been continuous cropping and what sort of crop rotation you use. He’d also like to hear any other comments you have. (Les always says that reader feedback is the best part of this long-running job.)

Fax your comments to 204-944-5416, email them to [email protected], or mail them to Les Henry at 143 Tucker Cres, Saskatoon, Sask., S7H 3H7.

This photo is of Les Henry standing on the home quarter where he was raised, three miles west of Milden. There’s not much sign of his family homestead now.

Les Henry says, “The farmstead was bulldozed by my nephew in the 1970s. The cairn in the photo has the 1950s aerial photo of the farm etched in black granite which is firmly welded to an 8,000 pound granite rock. This cairn will be there long after we are pushing daisies!” †

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