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And the man even makes house calls — this is Greg Evans, chief veterinarian for the Calgary Stampede, applying his equine dental skills to one of the horses at the Calgary Stampede Ranch near Hanna, Alberta. The horses who are trained to be bucking broncs and other competitors receive excellent and regular animal health care. Evans may not make it in human dentistry field, but his patients at the ranch didn’t voice any complaints.

The next project after COOL

The key to farm policy change is persistence

I have to give the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and Canada’s federal government credit for their patience and persistence. I never thought the U.S. government would ever do away with its country-of-origin labelling (COOL) law once it was enacted in 2008. And after all the trips and lobbying to the U.S. capital over the past […] Read more

Natural may be different, but not better

No sooner last month had I talked about A & W Restaurants announcing they were switching to natural, hormone-free beef in all their restaurants as part of the healthy-eating trend, and TV commercials showing happy, healthy people eating A & W burgers started. In that commercial the personable “manager” played by actor Allen Lulu is asking customers what they think of the new hormone-free burgers. […] Read more

WSGA calling for XL inquiry

I believe all is getting better in the beef world, but may not be perfect yet. I understand the XL Beef plant at Brooks, Alta is nearly firing on all cylinders, although Jerry Klassen in his marketing column on page 40 says as of late November, the slaughter pace was still a bit behind the […] Read more

In search of the perfect steak

I recently learned a good steak doesn’t just jump onto your barbecue. I was down in Granum in southern Alberta recently for the weekend and was looking for a nice steak for an evening barbecue with friends. There are two grocery stores in nearby Fort Macleod and I am sure their meat is excellent, but […] Read more

Are ranchers ready for free-market environmentalism?

It is unfortunate, but the legislation intended to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat is making it increasingly difficult for the ranching industry to operate in the same way as previous generations. Unfortunately, most of this legislation is counterproductive; not only is there little concrete evidence showing this type legislation is saving any species from the […] Read more

Time to give forage its due

Grass isn’t just something that covers the ground until we can find something better to grow. Grass, and the broader category of forages, is a $2 billion dollar crop annually in Alberta and when you start adding its value to the entire Canadian livestock industry, the environment and society in general, well it’s value easily […] Read more

Ranching is a dirty, tiring business

I don’t get much chance to vaccinate cattle or do much else around the farm any more, so when I do I make a point of letting people know just so they don’t assume I am only a pretty face, who happens to be an incredible writer, too. Yes, I am back at my desk […] Read more

Calving and winter feeding tips

There always has to be one party pooper, and after looking at a couple of recent news/information reports it looks like pretty good days right now for beef producers. While this boom is good, it probably means the next bust is coming. Everyone was excited in late January that the South Korean market has reopened […] Read more

But at least it is Green

The Canadian Cattleman’s Association has just released a study conducted by the Ontario-based George Morris Centre that says efforts by the federal government to promote a biofuel industry in Canada takes a $130 million annual toll on the Canadian livestock industry. The biggest impact: it appears that promoting the use of feedgrains to produce ethanol has driven up the price of feed grains. Tied […] Read more