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Editing transactions with AgExpert: Pt. 2

Even the best bookkeepers don't always get it right the first time. Here's how to fix it

Getting help with the AgExpert bookkeeping has never been easier. FCC Management Software has provided many new avenues to give you support you need. The AgExpert online community is a way for you to communicate with fellow AgExpert users in discussion boards, chat live with FCC support staff and look up answers to almost any question. There is also a multimedia section with training videos and tutorials that you can watch at your convenience. Help is only a click away.

Exploring the online community

First, connect to the Internet. From the AgExpert Program go to Help > Online Community to connect to the online community home page. You’ll see seven tabs at the top. The home page gives an overview and description of the features in the online community. Following are some highlights.

  1. Home > Technical Support> Click on the blue link to “Customer Care Plan” to go to the webpage that describes FCC’s “basic”, “essential” and “premium” customer care plans. You can view, compare and renew your plan online or call in. Tip: Sign up for Auto-Renewal so you always have access to the latest software updates and training opportunities.
  2. Home > Technical Support> Click on the blue link to start a “Click-to-Chat” session with support. This starts a live chat online with a member of the FCC support team. Just type in your name and phone number and select the topic you need help with. You will then see a “Chat with Support” window pop up, where you can instantly message and chat with support. Tip: This feature is available if you’re on an “essential” or “premium” customer care plan. If you have a “basic” plan, you may want to consider an upgrade.
  3. Knowledge Base > AgExpert Analyst > Click on any of the following links to access the most up to date articles, step by step instructions and videos on how to use the software. All the information that used to be found in the reference manuals can now be found here:

Videos: Select from the menu of tutorials, How-to videos and learn what’s new in the software. If you’d like to learn how to enter a grain sale for example, then choosing Videos > AgExpert Analyst Tutorials > Transactions > Sample Transaction — Grain Sale will open a three minute video on exactly how to enter the transaction.

Blog: Check in with the blog often for informative messages, tips, and solutions written by the support team. They’ve posted over 50 blogs so far, so there are sure to be some that interest you. Scroll through to find blogs such as “Top 10 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Year-End,” “How Safe Is Your Computer?” and “Download Your Software Update In Two Easy Steps.”

Discussions: Here, there is a list of discussion boards. Select one such as “Financial and Accounting Discussions.” This is where you can post a question to the discussion board, and either another user or member of the support team can help you. You can also read through other questions that have been posted, and read replies or add your own reply if you know the answer. Did you know? There is a discussion board called “AgExpert Analyst —Have an idea for the software?” Here is a place where you can send in your suggestions, feedback, and ideas for future releases.

Tip of the Month: Click on the month for the latest news and advice.

Contact us: Fill out this message form and support will get in touch with you.

Other help menu options

From the AgExpert Program, choose:

  • Help > Search online help: This connects you directly to the AgExpert Knowledge Base in the online community. Or, choose:
  • Help > Connect to FCC Customer Care: This connects you directly to “Click-to-chat” to chat live with a member of the support team. Or:
  • Help > What’s New > Connects you to the latest blog and information on the newest version of AgExpert.

Did you know? From any screen in the AgExpert Software the [F1] keyboard key will connect you directly to the online community and take you to the exact location in the knowledge base that gives you information on the particular screen you were in. For example: go to Setup > Enterprises > then [F1]. You will now be taken to the exact page within the knowledge base that discusses setting up and maintaining enterprises. As an alternative to the [F1] key you can click on the question mark icon in screens such as the transaction entry screen.

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