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Appquest: iScoutCrops

Field scouting is always an important part of every successful crop year. But sometimes remembering though what is going on in each field can be a challenge when spread over many acres and kilometers.

iScoutCrops can help you with that by remembering all your important field information for you. With this app you can field scout different fields, saving information to your iPad or even emailing it to yourself, other people involved in your farm, or your customers for later use.

You can choose from four different crops: wheat, bean, corn and alfalfa. The only thing this really affects is the name at the top and the little picture so nothing that keeps you from tracking other corps.

From there you just input the field, date and acres. You can also enter the crop stage, and soil condition. This allows for you to keep track of a field easily through different points of the year.

The weeds are categorized into grasses and broadleaf weeds. You select these weeds from drop down menus. There is also a density and condition menu that allows you to track weeds after spraying, and menus to input insects and disease. Lastly it tracks the family of herbicide used.

The only downfall of these menus is that they are not totally complete for all insects or diseases that are more common in Western Canada. To get around this you can always just make additional notes in the comment section.

The app even allows you to take photos of the field so if you have questions about a certain weed or bug you can just attach the photo to the report and email it directly to your weed guru.

Lastly it is easy to save or view different scouting reports due to the simple nature of the app. Just click view or save in the top menu and away you go. Though not the most complete app iScoutCrops is easy to use and a great starter app for your field scouting needs.

Price: free †

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