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Tractor arrival gets new year off to good start

Eppich News: Several Quarter Horses went to good homes in 2020

With about two feet of snow already in December, this Degelman blade will come in handy to keep trails open to feed cows.

A few of our Eppich Quarter Horse weanlings went to their new homes at the end of November and beginning of December. It is sad to see them go, as we get quite attached sometimes, but it is good to see them go to homes where they will be enjoyed.

On Dec. 3 Gregory and John went to northern Saskatchewan to pick up a 12-foot Degelman blade for moving snow with the tractor. Thanks to the early two feet of snow, we were not able to get all of our bales hauled home. The snowdrifts were going to make things very difficult if not impossible in places. The spot where the blade mounts to the tractor was not in very good shape, so Gregory took it over to Mike Lewis of Burn’N’Iron to have it rebuilt.

On Dec. 9 Gregory and John brought the barley straw bales to the stackyard from the home half. On Dec. 16 Mike Lewis had the blade done and Joseph and I gave Gregory a ride to go pick up the tractor and blade. We are more than happy with the job that Mike did. He rebuilt the entire tractor mount assembly. The next day, Gregory and John tried the blade out and had some fun with it.

On Christmas Eve, we had some fun sledding down the dugout hill in the pasture. Joseph had a blast. That evening we went to Christmas Eve Mass and celebrated the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. On Christmas Day we went to mass in the morning and then had brunch at John and Barb’s. Afterward, Gregory took Joseph sledding again, while James and I finished making dessert for Christmas supper. We had a quiet, happy Christmas supper over at John and Barb’s that evening.

Joseph, holding brother James, was really impressed with his new cowboy boots. photo: Heather Eppich

We opened presents for several days, as the mail was slow and several people had mailed gifts for the boys, including Grandma and Grandpa Thomas. One of Joseph’s favourite gifts was a pair of cowboy boots that Gregory and I got for him. He’s big enough to do more riding this year, and we are both looking forward to it.

We celebrated the new year and then got back to work. On Jan. 2 we sold the last weanling from the 2019 foal crop, a 2020 filly went to her new home and Gregory’s new JD 4020 tractor arrived. It was a busy day, but a rewarding one.

Despite everything happening, our Eppich Quarter Horses sold very well in 2020. Gregory is also very excited about his new tractor. He needs to do some fixing to it, but then it will do a lot of work for us.

We pray that everyone had a joyous Christmas and that God will bless us with a new year full of hope, love, and happiness.

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Heather Eppich is a young former Idaho rancher building a new farm and family with her husband and young son, near Handel, Sask. Contact her at: [email protected]

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