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Tama launches improved bale wrap system

John Deere and bale wrap manufacturer Tama are launching a new product this fall, which they say will elevate the quality of round bale wrap to that of indoor storage.

John Deere will be the exclusive distributor of the B-Wrap system that will include an almost solid layer of material in each bale covering to better protect hay from wind and sun.

The idea says Graham Robson, technical manager for Tama Europe, is to provide an extra layer of material in the wrap to preserve the quality of the hay so it’s as good as the day it was made, even if bales are exposed to the elements. Robson, who is based in England, was in Western Canada recently working with the Canadian division of Tama to familiarize producers with Tama bale wrap products.

Tama isn’t the only bale wrap manufacturer in the world, but it was one of the first and is now the largest manufacturer, with products that include Edge to Edge (which covers the full width of the bale) and Cover Edge, that actually wraps over the end of each bale by a couple inches. Edge to Edge wrap is carried by John Deere, Claas, Kuhn and other equipment distributors. Cover Edge and the new B-Wrap products are only available from John Deere.


With the B-Wrap product, rather than just the standard net-type material around the bale, B-Wrap will also include a layer of more solid material to protect hay.

One roll of B-Wrap will hold enough material for 35 bales from 60 to 68 inches in diameter. For each bale, the first wrap will be the standard Cover Edge netting, followed by one complete wrap of the more solid patented material that protects the bale from sun and rain, and the final wrap is another layer of Cover Edge netting. A metal tape attached to the B-Wrap activates the baler knife to cut B-Wrap at the correct length. B-Wrap also has patented fasteners to hold the wrap on the bale. The more solid B-Wrap layer will protect the hay quality from rain and sun exposure, but it also has microscopic pores that will allow moisture inside the bale to escape.

It will be a more expensive bale wrap product, but also provides more value, says Robson. “For the dairy producer or anyone else looking to produce high-quality hay B-Wrap, will protect the bale from weather exposure, preserving the colour and quality of hay just as if the bales had been stored inside a shed,” he says. “It will also be a benefit to commercial beef producers who know that a certain percentage of their hay crop will be stockpiled.”

Robson says beef producers may choose to use the Edge to Edge or Cover Edge wrap on hay that is to be fed out in the coming winter season, but then use B-Wrap for a portion of the crop that may be stored in the bale yard for two, three, or five seasons or more until it is needed. The B-wrap will protect those bales eliminating the risk of 10 to 15 per cent of the baled hay that may discolour and spoil over long periods of storage.

The Tama bale wrap was developed in Israel by Israeli farmers and the company has gradually grown with international offices in Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Sweden/Scandinavia, France, Poland, Hungary and Central Europe.


Robson says years of research and development by Tama engineers has produced a product which is both strong, yet thin, providing more metres of wrap per role.

Robson says the patented material and weave of the netting also ensures bales are properly covered, avoiding “muffin tops” of exposed hay on either end. †

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