Manufacturers feature crimpers and electric feeders

Electric power silage carts and feeder trucks in Europe

Electric loaders and trucks are being used in feeding equipment.

As well as robotic feeding systems, visitors to recent EuroTier trade shows learned about the developments in electric-powered ration feeders and the increased popularity of crimping grain.

German manufacturer Siloking has several self-propelled diet feeders including one that focuses on using renewable energy to power itself.

The eSilokamm machine comes complete with a cab offering all-round visibility and is used for loading, transporting and discharging silage or maize.

eSilokamm has two speed options reaching up 20 km per hour and will run for two hours on one full charge.

This new machine is designed for farms that have longer distances between the silo and cow shed or feedlot, and comes with two load capacities — 3.6 or 4.6 cubic metres.

The battery can last for up to 10 years, or 1,600 load cycles, after which time the battery holds up to 60 per cent capacity.

“Working equipment running almost noiseless with no emissions at all increases the well-being of the animals, especially in low-height and narrow barns,” says Dr. Philipp Twickler, Siloking’s head of product management and marketing.

Inside the cab, the operator can control all hydraulic functions via the multifunctional armrest integrated into the driver’s seat. The ergonomic joystick with intuitive key assignment makes it possible to control all work functions with only one hand. A multifunctional display right in the driver’s field of vision indicates all machine functions and is easy to use. Three LED working lights illuminate the complete working area to provide additional safety.

Moving silage into narrow sheds with low heights is no problem for this versatile and compact machine, thanks to its width of 2.10m and its height of 2.5m. The list price of the 3.6 cubic-metre machine is C$74,811 plus the normal tax and shipping costs.

Another popular topic among producers and equipment manufacturers is the advantage of crimping grain for livestock feed.

Finnish mill manufacturer Murska, for example, highlights the benefits of crimping or ensiling of early-combined moist cereals to produce a highly digestible moist feed.

The company is currently seeking global dealers for its range of crimping machines (silage baggers) in the W-Max range. The new W-Max 15 model with a capacity of up to 30 tonnes per hour of harvest-moist grain which can be filled into tubes using a three- to five- metre discharge elevator connected to the mill.

With a 400-litre volume tank and a loading height of 2.91 metres, the W-Max 15 is designed for the medium- to large-scale farmer and contractor. Also in the W-Max range are machines with 10 and 20 tonnes per hour capacity.

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