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Harvest slowed by rain

Eppich News: Always projects to be completed before getting back in the field

On September 1 we harvested one field and then started on a second before the wheat got too tough. The next day it rained in the morning. In the afternoon, we had Sabra of Sabra’s Farrier Service from Saskatoon come out and trim the feet of a few horses. She is very patient with the young horses and always does a good job for us.

The next day, Gregory and John worked a field of summerfallow and then worked on the combines. For the next few days afterward, we harvested some of our organic barley. With the dew in the mornings we were not able to get started too early in the day.

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On Sept. 7 and 8 I spent most of the day harvesting the garden. It was forecasted to freeze hard and so while the guys were out in the field, I was in the garden. I got most of the garden harvested and made it to where the stuff that I didn’t get harvested would fit under a couple of insulated tarps. We were all back out combining Sept. 9

On Sept. 11 our friend Bill Gessell took John and Barb into the city for John’s eye surgery. He had cataract surgery last year but the second eye was not done right and so he had to go in for more corrective surgery. Meanwhile, Gregory and I continued combining John’s wheat with the help of Grandpa Barney Simon. We are so blessed to have such great friends. They dropped what they were doing to help us and we are so grateful.

After the eye surgery, John was not supposed to be in any dust or lift anything. Even though it was the middle of harvest, Gregory and I were very happy that it rained the night of Sept. 11 and throughout the day on the 12th. It was going to be an impossible battle to keep the lifelong farmer out of the field at harvest time, so God helped us out and we managed to keep John out of the field for a week thanks to the rain.

Leon Ochs came over Sept. 16 and helped us put a bin on a hopper bottom. Extra hands are always appreciated and with jobs like that they are desperately needed. We had to wait for the breeze to go down and then Gregory used the Mack truck with the crane to pick the bin up and Leon and I lined up the holes and we got it bolted down.

We started harvesting again Sept. 18. With Grandpa Barney’s help, we kept the three machines going, while Gregory ran his tail off trying to truck the oats home and keep up with us. Barney helped us again Sept. 19 and we finished the last field that had been swathed and was ready. The next day we got around an inch and a half of rain. We will be slowed down again due to the rain but with the wind and the warmer days in the forecast, we hoped to be back out combining in just a few days.

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Heather Eppich is a young former Idaho rancher building a new farm and family with her husband and young son, near Handel, Sask. Contact her at: [email protected]



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