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Even with a few surprises, 2020 will be good

Eppich News: 2019 wraps up with the farm settling into winter

Grandpa John Eppich gives Joseph some instruction on hand position on a guitar.

So far this winter as of early January, we haven’t had too much snow and the cold temperatures only last a short while. However, one constant has been the wind. It can turn a nice day into a miserable one, no matter what the thermometer says.

In early December we put our windbreak panels into place in the pasture for the cows where they will spend the winter until calving. Gregory moved the panels with the skid steer and put them in a half-circle with a few flax bales to extend the edges. We have no protection from an east wind except our windbreak panels. It works really well and helps the cows as after they eat they go back to the windbreak to warm up.

As we headed into the Christmas season, David and Maxine Mitchell came down to visit and have a look at the Hereford cows they have sold us over the last few years.

On warmer days we took the opportunity to haul the last of the slough bales home. Now all that is left out is the straw bales, and hopefully we can get them home soon.

A few days before Christmas we took the tractor, the posthole auger and the post pounder truck and put in five railroad ties behind the corral at the waterer. Two winters ago, we trenched and put in that waterer but didn’t get a chance to rebuild the fence. Now the panels have been replaced with a slab fence.

On Dec. 22 we had an early Christmas party with Grandma Rose and Grandpa Barney, as well as a family friend, Norbert. As luck would have it, during chores we found the stock waterers were dry. Gregory switched the stock waterers over to the well at John and Barb’s house. It was a temporary fix to get us through Christmas. Afterward, we had a nice supper. Rose and Barney had fun playing with Joseph.

Christmas was celebrated at John and Barb’s house. Only two of Gregory’s sisters were able to make it. However, Christmas went on for a few more days as my mom and dad were able to come up from Idaho. Joseph had so much fun and I think he properly wore out Grandma and Grandpa Thomas.

We pulled the pump out of the well Dec. 28. Dad got in on the fun as they diagnosed the problem to be the pump, which had to be replaced. Soon the well was back up and the animals were back on their own separate well and not putting added pressure on the house well.

The New Year was pretty quiet for us. On New Year’s Eve, John and Gregory went out and worked on the loading corral at Landis. On New Year’s Day we went to mass, had brunch with John and Barb and then worked on a few things around the yard.

It was good to be able to spend time with family for Christmas and to welcome the new year in a quiet way. We have lots of work ahead of us in the new year, but we will get there. It may not turn out as we had planned but as long as there is work to keep us busy and focused and family to help and support us, all will be good.

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Heather Eppich is a young former Idaho rancher building a new farm and family with her husband and young son, near Handel, Sask. Contact her at: [email protected]



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