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It finally rains — three weeks after seeding

Eppich News: Some great days and sad days were all part of June

After a dry start to spring, Joseph figured rain that made mud was a good thing.

We finished seeding our crop May 28th and the next day Gregory was out seeding oats in the sloughs for feed. It has been so dry that we will need everything we can get. Hopefully, we won’t have to cut too much of the crop for feed. While Gregory was still seeding, John was starting to work the summerfallow and when Gregory was finished seeding the sloughs, they both worked on the summerfallow for several days.

May 31st we had our second foal, a beautiful brown filly. She was up bouncing after mommy in no time and is so sweet.

The beginning of June was a very sad time. We had to say goodbye to some of our old friends and companions. First was the old dog Rusty. He was always right outside the door to greet you with a smile and a wag. I still look for him when I go by. Then just a few days later, my old mare Classy passed away. I brought her with me from Idaho after Gregory and I got married. We went many miles together checking range and moving cows. I think she enjoyed her Canadian retirement home — the oats were good, the lean-to was dry, and everyone loved her.

June 9th Gregory and I went out on a date — canoeing in the dugout to treat the water to slow the algae growth. One of our dugouts had a lot in it. It is not the blue-green algae yet, but we felt we needed to start working on it so that it doesn’t get worse. So, we took the canoe down to the dugout and paddled around trying to spread the treatment out. It was a fun evening.

June 14th our last foal for the year was born, a bay colt. He’s going to be a big boy but right now he’s very much a momma’s boy. We had a tenth of rain that day and then the next we were surprised with four-tenths more. The little guy got to spend his first couple of days under the lean-to and out of the weather.

In addition to being Father’s Day, it was also Gregory’s birthday June 16th. After Mass, we had brunch at home with Al, our neighbour. Then Rose and Barney Simon invited us and John and Barb over for supper. We ate too much, visited, played cards and stayed too long but it was a great time.

June 19th there were hardly any clouds at all but it started raining all afternoon and into the night. By morning we had an inch and a half of rain. Everything felt so good! The air was fresh, the dust was settled, and the ground stayed wet! The next morning Gregory had a load of oats go out with no problem thanks to the gravel and grass in the yard. It seemed to work out just right because after the truck was on the road, it started raining again. We got another three-tenths out of that rain. The crops, the grass, and our state of minds benefited greatly.

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Heather Eppich is a young former Idaho rancher building a new farm and family with her husband and young son, near Handel, Sask. Contact her at: [email protected]



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