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If you let this issue of Grainews sit in a pile on your coffee table for a few weeks before you opened it up, we’re probably still working on harvest here at our farm in southeast Saskatchewan.

Things have just been slow this season. We seeded late, and now we’re harvesting late. This is even true for the half of our crop that didn’t see hail damage. And you know how it is — once things get late, the days get shorter, and the whole harvest project seems to go on forever. It seems very wrong to have to climb out of the swather early so I can take our little boy to skating practice! I just hope I don’t wind up taking Christmas dinner out to the combine.

It’s a bit disappointing, hearing reports of 100-bushel wheat crops when so many of our fields were taken out by a July hailstorm. But on the bright side, the wheat that wasn’t hail damaged and that we’ve managed to get into the bin has been some of the best crops my husband has seen on his farm. Unfortunately we barely got things started when a bunch of dark clouds settled in for a three-day rain.

Earlier this year I wrote about our trip to the factory in Nebraska to watch our new Case IH combine roll off the assembly line. Now it’s out in the field. With a few minor kinks out of the way, all systems are go. The high-yielding wheat crop was a great way to break it in.

In this issue

First, here’s what’s not in this issue: A subscriber phoned in to let us know that in the September issue, we ran the weather map for July/August. Oops. We’re very sorry. There’s a more current map this time.

Now, for this issue. I considered calling this “The Sirski Edition.” Not only do we have Andy Sirski’s regular Off-Farm Income column in the Columns section (Page 34), but Andy has also written a short piece on an old-time threshing fundraiser for the Canada Foodgrains Bank (Page 24). And, I’m very pleased to tell you that this issue also includes an article by Andy Sirski’s son, Steven. He spent some time working on farms in Australia, and has written a great article explaining how you can do this too (or at least send one of your kids to do it). Find this on Page 18.

One of my cousins worked on a harvesting crew in Australia one winter (summer in Australia). He came home with an outrageously disgusting story about putting a small kangaroo through a combine. I don’t know if this could actually happen or not (Steven didn’t mention if this happened to him). I do know that most of my relatives never like to let the truth get in the way of a good story, so I’ll probably never know for sure.

Enjoy this issue.


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