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Saskatchewan approves largest multi-farm drainage plan

Saskatchewan’s provincial Water Security Agency has signed off on what it describes as the largest single agricultural drainage project in the province’s history, with more projects of a similar scale to come. The province announced Thursday it has issued a single approval for 73 landowners in the province’s southeast to set up an “organized and […] Read more

Les Henry’s prairie stubble soil moisture map

In the map of November 2016 soil moisture, there are no “very dry” areas

As usual, this map gives only a very general indication of the soil moisture situation on the Canadian Prairies as we went into freeze up November 2016. It can be summed up in a word WET. To make a soil moisture map it is essential that a good database of rain records from many stations […] Read more

Eastern Prairies warm up

Temperatures at the east end of the Prairies warmed Thursday but kept well below those seen further west. Highs hit +15 C around Medicine Hat, +12 C around Assiniboia in southern Saskatchewan, +7 C around Peace River, Lloydminster and Dauphin, +4 C around Brandon, Estevan and Melfort and +1 C up the west side of […] Read more

Get your farm ready for global warming

Agronomy management: How can you adapt your Prairie farm to changing climate conditions in the years to come?

Many Prairie farmers have gradually come to accept that global warming is real. Over the past 60 years, our Prairie climate has been gradually changing. In most regions of the Prairies the length of the growing season has increased, the amount of heat (growing degree days and crop heat units) has increased and the number […] Read more

Saskatchewan snowpack points to below-normal runoff

Thanks to above-normal temperatures that drew down much of Saskatchewan’s snowpack in January, the province now sees “below normal runoff potential” in most areas outside the southeast. Saskatchewan’s Water Security Agency on Thursday released its 2017 preliminary outlook for spring runoff, noting the province has another six to 10 weeks of possible snowpack development. The […] Read more

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