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Talk to a lawyer before the inevitable

Death, divorce, disability and disagreement. While not all are inevitable, Laura McDougald-Williams, a partner in the Meighen Haddad Law Firm told an audience at CropConnect in Winnipeg in mid-February that it’s wise to protect your farm against the “4 Ds.”

Agrifood a pillar in federal budget’s ‘innovation’ plan

The federal government’s latest budget puts up Canada’s agrifood sector as one of six “key areas” to benefit from a new national “Innovation and Skills Plan.” Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Wednesday unveiled a budget projecting $330.2 billion in expenses in 2017-18 against budgetary revenues of $304.7 billion, for a $28.5 billion deficit. The[...]
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Saskatchewan cuts farm fuel tax exemptions in budget

“Purple gas” is about to become a quaint old figure of speech for Saskatchewan farmers as the provincial tax exemption for bulk gasoline for farm use ends April 1. The provincial government on Wednesday rolled out a budget designed to dial back the province’s reliance on resource revenue in the face of slumping markets for[...]
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Save your 2016 seed money

Farm Management: Let the CRA tax experts help you reap the most from what you sow

Farmers of all types, from dairy to fruit to livestock, contribute to the economy and to the healthy lives of Canadians. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wants to help make filing your income tax and benefit return easier so you can save your time and energy for the harvest. If your farming is considered a[…]
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Farm safety: lights, camera, action!

These three movie set words are more than just stage directions. They also apply on the farm

Technology is cool. I think anyone who has been to an ag show would agree. We have apps and high tech add-ons for our equipment. Things like monitors and cameras, sensors and remote alerting. We also add on low-tech devices to ensure efficiency and improve safety. Lights A farm manager I know who takes care[…]
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Farm equipment first aid kits

A number of years ago Alberta producer Gerald Oloske injured his hand during harvest while working on a combine. It was in that moment of crisis that he realized his equipment didn’t have first aid kits. While he was feeling shock coming on, he resolved to create kits for all his equipment. Over the years[…]
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Avoid fires on grain farms

Fires are a serious farm hazard. Be prepared, and assess the risks of fire on your farm

Fire is a constant hazard. From a welding fire in the shop, to a wiring fire in a piece of equipment to an ignition of grain dust in the grain dryer. Understanding the fire hazards on a farm can be overwhelming. There are just so many fuel sources, so many ways they can ignite. Fire[…]
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Grain cars moving, but not fast enough for some farmers

Poor weather slows loading on the West Coast

With spring around the corner, some farmers are worried they won’t get grain delivered before road bans and field work begins. Brian Stratuliak is a grain and cattle producer in the Dawson Creek, B.C., area. He had planned to deliver 300 tonnes of feed wheat this winter, but has only been able to deliver 120[…]
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Famer and His Son Standing Side by Side Leaning on a Gate

Farm safety for tweens and teens

They’re no longer children, but they’re not fully-matured adults yet

Gone are the days here where the number of hands determined the success of the farm, regardless of the age of those hands. We no longer have to ask children to risk their health and education to ensure the family farm makes a profit. That does not lessen the desire for our young people to[…]
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Safety on your farm: it’s not hard

Building a safe farm operation may seem overwhelming; it’s just a change of attitude

Having a safe farming operation is not as hard as it seems. It starts with a change of attitude — letting go of old traditions and habits. Considering how serious our work is, how seriously we should take the safety of our workers and family, and how seriously we need to take the impressions we[…]
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