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SeedNet varieties sold from the farm

In 2010, a group of 14 progressive, southern Alberta seed growers got together, looking for ways to promote seed production. Today, those original seed growers (well, 13 of them) are shareholders in SeedNet, a company that licenses new varieties for sale to commercial farmers. “Now,” says Elizabeth Tokariuk, SeedNet’s general manager, “we have a network […] Read more

Adult farmer feeding dairy cows.

Taking care of your health through the ages

Simple lifestyle changes can help ensure you age well, and safely

It is no secret that Canadian farmers are getting older. The 2016 Census shows the average age of farmers in Canada is 55, up from 52 in just 10 years. It is also no secret that as people age, we experience changes that can reduce our physical and mental capabilities. Signs of aging include: 1. […] Read more

Saskatchewan farm truckers exempt on new training rule

Saskatchewan semi truck drivers driving only for farming operations will get a pass on the province’s planned new mandatory minimum trucker training requirements. The province announced Monday it will require a minimum of 121.5 hours of training before a driver can obtain a Class 1 commercial driver’s licence, starting March 15 next year. A Class […] Read more

From Silicon Valley to Yorkton, Sask.

Farmers Business Network is a new grower network that connects farmers digitally

A company that began as a Silicon Valley start-up is hoping to change the way farmers do business by leveraging technology and farmer networks. When people think about data, they often think about how to get a better prescription or make something narrowly useful on the farm, says Charles Baron, co-found of Farmers Business Network […] Read more

dairy cows

USMCA costs Canada sovereignty in ag policy, critics warn

Changes to Canadian dairy supply management in the final text of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement give up oversight of the system to the U.S., Canada’s dairy farmer group warns. The trade deal, signed Friday in Buenos Aires by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Donald Trump and Mexico’s outgoing President Enrique Pena Nieto, now goes […] Read more

aerial view of farmland

Farmland values and rising interest rates

As interest rates rise, farmers are wondering, ‘it this still a good time to buy land?’

On most farms land is the largest farm asset, which means it can also account for the largest portion of farm debt — especially for farmers just starting out, taking over from the previous generation or expanding the business. What can farmers do, in the face of more potential interest rate hikes, to make sure […] Read more

Is it too expensive to borrow money?

When the neighbour’s land is for sale, are interest rates too high to say 'yes?'

The best time to figure out whether or not you can afford to borrow more money probably isn’t when you get a tip off that the neighbour wants to sell some land at a really tempting price. But inevitably, it’s when faced with those kinds of situations that producers take stock of where they are […] Read more

Rising interest rates, rising risk?

Farm Management: What do today’s rising interest rates mean for your farm’s balance sheet

There are a number of ways that rising interest rates affect farm balance sheets. They can negatively affect cash flow, can create a need to adjust short-term and long-term liabilities and affect the value of farmland that in turn can impact the farm’s asset values. “Higher interest rates will impact operations differently based on how […] Read more

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