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Stats from 2016 show uptick in net farm income

Statistics show slightly lower costs for fertilizer, fuel and cattle and calf purchases in 2016, against higher crop sales and program payments, led to a rise in realized net farm income last year. Statistics Canada on Wednesday released data showing Canadian producers’ realized net farm income — the difference between cash receipts and operating expenses, […] Read more

Seeding in Sask. moves quickly, but some farmers still stalled on weather

Saskatchewan Crop Report for the week ending May 22, 2017

Seeding is advancing quickly in the province thanks to warm, dry weather. Producers now have 60 per cent of the provincial crop in the ground, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s weekly Crop Report. The five-year (2012-2016) seeding average for this time of year is 65 per cent. Many producers have completed seeding operations while others will […] Read more

New Alberta labour standards for paid farm workers tabled

Waged farm workers in Alberta will be allowed to unionize and get new rules governing vacation pay and youth employment, under a provincial labour bill tabled Wednesday. The new rules are tucked into Bill 17, the Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act, which went through first reading Wednesday and, if passed, would take effect Jan. 1, […] Read more

Seeding progress in Sask. runs the gamut

Many farmers playing catch-up due to wet conditions, dealing with last year's crops

About 30 per cent of the 2017 crop is seeded, according to the latest Saskatchewan Agriculture Crop Report. But while the province as a whole is close to the five-year average, actual seeding progress varies tremendously across the province and even within regions. Farmers in the southeast have 60 per cent of the crop in […] Read more

Sask. farmers make good seeding progress, despite the weather

Saskatchewan Crop Report for the week ending May 15, 2017

Despite recent cool and wet weather, good seeding progress was made for much of the province this past week. Thirty per cent of the 2017 crop is now in the ground, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s weekly Crop Report. The five-year (2012-2016) seeding average for this time of year is 33 per cent. Seeding is most […] Read more

8 management practices of successful Canadian farmers

In our CTEAM program and other activities, we get to meet a range of Canadian farmers, and often we have the opportunity to assess their success both financially and personally, in terms of their ability to meet or exceed personal and family goals. Several characteristics of these successful people become obvious rather quickly. Not all[...]
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Ontario to add local weight to land use appeal process

Ontario’s Municipal Board (OMB), which handles appeals of land use planning decisions across the province, is set to be replaced with a new Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. The provincial government announced Tuesday it will introduce legislation “in the coming weeks” to replace the Ontario Municipal Board with the new tribunal, “mandated to give greater weight[...]
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A new species of midge lands on the Prairies

Researchers say this 
new “anonymous” midge is not an imminent concern, but it’s worth watching

An anonymous midge species has been identified in Saskatchewan and central Alberta. The new species is similar to Swede midge (a species already present in Saskatchewan), but to this point does not appear to have caused significant, widespread damage in canola crops. Researchers are still trying to find out more about the as yet unnamed[…]
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The power of a letter to get unstuck

Sometimes we have to go back to basics in order to keep healthy change happening on our farms. Lately in my transition seminars I have been encouraging frustrated young farmers to write a letter of intent to their founding parents. People who are stuck with a large degree of anxiety and overwhelm from not knowing[...]
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