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bill morneau

Farm groups see something for everyone in federal budget

Response so far from farm and agribusiness organizations to Tuesday’s pre-election budget suggests the federal government has managed to find at least one line item for everyone in the ag sector. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget pledges compensation for supply-managed sectors facing financial hits from international trade pacts, funding for a new federal food policy […] Read more

Your farm financial scorecard

Farm financial statements can offer you a lot more than just a way to keep score

If you had time to go golfing or perhaps mini-golfing last summer, you likely filled out a scorecard to track your success (or lack thereof). Keeping score allows you to track your progress and rank yourself against your competition. The golf clubs, green fees, and your time represent a significant investment and the scorecard measures[…]
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Stay safe while you’re working alone

Farm jobs are often done by one person, alone. Know how to be safe in that situation

One of the most relaxing parts of a work day can be some alone time — doing work you love in peace and quiet. It can also be one of the most deadly parts of the work day. If you become ill or injured while working alone, what’s your plan? Most equipment operations are solitary[…]
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Auger, sweep, vac and extractor safety

Tractors are dangerous, but so are augers, grain sweeps and grain bag extractors

Augers, sweeps, vacs and extractors are all built to move grain from one area to another — generally either into or out of storage such as a grain bin or grain bag. Augers have long been a serious entanglement hazard, and while the newer augers have improved safety features the single most important safety feature[…]
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kubota m7-2

Buhler to build bigger Kubota tractors in Winnipeg

Kubota’s highest-horsepower tractors yet for the North American farm market are going to be made in Canada. Winnipeg manufacturer Buhler Industries, the maker of Versatile tractors, on Thursday announced a “long-term” original equipment manufacturer (OEM) deal with Japan’s Kubota Corp. to “develop and produce a new tractor platform in the mid-range front-wheel assist segment.” For[...]
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B.C. grants late AgriStability enrolment for 2018

Fire, flooding and a drop in raspberry prices in 2018 have spurred the federal and British Columbia governments to trigger the AgriStability late-participation mechanism. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and her provincial counterpart Lana Popham, at an event Monday in Vernon, B.C., invoked the new late-participation rule for the 2018 AgriStability program year, “to help farmers[...]
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Working safely in cold weather

This past winter was a season of extreme cold weather across much of Canada. Between the cold weather and the work that is often required outside, regardless of conditions, many producers find themselves working in the cold, sometimes extremely dangerous cold. Extreme cold warnings are heard and seen on the news and weather alerts seem[…]
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